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Scriveremo Publishing presents
Finding Your Way to Languages
Six Methods of Language Learning
Erik Zidowecki is a computer programmer and language lover. He is a co-founder of UniLang and founder of Parleremo, both web communities dedicated to helping people learn languages.
So you want to learn another language? Great! You've chosen the one you want, and are ready to jump in with the learning? Fantastic!

Now the REAL question: What is the best way to learn a language? This is one of the most asked questions by those in your position. It is also one of the most difficult to answer in a definitive, useful way. Most people who ask it are looking for the secret "trick" that will enable them to learn a language quickly and easily. They see the titles like Mastering Ancient Tibetan in 39 Seconds and are anxious to do just that! Those who have more experience (that is, have been learning languages for a while) are likely to answer with: it depends.

Since each person learns in a different way, is no method that works the best for everyone. This book is designed for those that don't yet know what their way is. It examines six common methods of studying a language: through audio, like audio courses and podcasts; by books, ranging from phrasebooks to full textbooks; classes, with a teacher and other students; software, using computer programs to help train you; internet, utilising the potential of some of the other methods on a global scale; immersion, in which a person is completely surrounded by the language and must learn it to survive.

This book won't teach you any secrets, any overnight paths to fluency. What it will give you is a solid understanding of what the strengths and weaknesses are of each approach, allowing you, the reader, to find your own way to languages.
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Some Reviews

"It's a concise and informed account of all language learning methods in terms of material (books, audio, courses etc) aimed at people new to the field." - Marieke Martin, linguist and language enthusiast

"What I really like about this book is that it's not limited to the needs of a certain kind of language learner. Whether you have no budget or unlimited budget, whether you want to go abroad or want to study from home - you can find tips in this book." - Daniela Maizner, language blogger "i simply love languages"

All my gold is here!
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