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Multiplayer Games
This is an assortment of multiplayer games (non-educational) that can be played with other members as well as players in other networks.

Multiplayer Games
Title: Conquer Antarctica Multiplayer
Description: The multiplayer version of this Antarctic domination game.. Shoot your evil rival penguins to oblivion!...
Title: Multiplayer Bunny Wars
Description: Time for some bunny whacking puzzle game action! Dominate the playing field with your bunnies!...
Title: Multiplayer Chess
Description: Practice your logic skills on this online game of chess! Revisit the best classic game of all time!...
Title: Checkers Multiplayer
Description: Try this classic game with players from around the world!
Title: Match-4 Multiplayer
Description: Up for a game of match 4? Test your logic skills by playing against other people in this fun multiplayer game....
Title: Trouble Multiplayer
Description: Play Multiplayer Trouble against other players in real time. Join a room of 2, 3 or 4 players and roll the dice. You need to roll a 6 to leave the castle. Bring all your pwans inside the center places to win the game. Good Luck.
Title: Zodiac War Multiplayer
Description: The point of the game is to shoot the other players
Title: Trivia Multiplayer
Description: Have you got what it take to win
Title: Draw my Thing Multiplayer
Description: How good are you at guessing
Title: Asteroids Multiplayer
Description: Multiplayer asteroids is a small space shooter where you are able to show your friends whos the boss!
Title: Nonoba Racing
Description: A multiplayer racing game with other people across the internet. Can you beat them on all 3 tracks?
Title: Platform Racing 2
Description: Create your own levels, and race online with friends.
Title: Blockles
Description: Play with up to 7 pals in this multiplayer Tetris game, or just play a pick up game with other loners. Fast-paced fun.
Title: DinglePop
Description: Play with up to 7 friends in this fast-paced multiplayer Snood-like game.
Title: Fridge Magnets
Description: Fun Game just play with the magnes Fridge Magnets
Title: Castle wars
Description: Show these goblins the hilt of your sword, pointy end first. Get the kills, grab the gold, and get yourself bigger and better weapons. Are you the top gladiator?
Title: Pawn Game
Description: A massively multiplayer online 2D shooter game. Here at Pawn you can jump right into the action by creating an account and joining thousands of other players in a variety of different arenas
Title: Multi Snake
Description: Ever wondered what would happen if you took the traditional snake game and the made it massively multiplayer? Look no further! Play with hundreds of other people on the internet.
Title: Territory Wars
Description: Eliminate every member of the opposing team.
Title: Dino Run
Description: Escape the pyroclastic wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary.

You can play this game with your forum username. No need to register in the game. Type in your username and press the Guest Login button.

You can also choose to do a very quick register in the game so your scores will be saved and also to be able to chat in the game. Remember this login to play also in the future without needing to register again.
All my gold is here!

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