The Thinking of Speaking

Parrot Time is a magazine covering language, linguistics and culture of the world around us.

Published every two months, it has had such diverse feature articles as:

  • Are You Wasting Your Money on Language Classes?
  • Chatting in Languages Online
  • Why English Is Different Than Any Other Language
  • Why Do People Learn Languages?
  • The Ultimate Fate of Language Learning
  • Coming Home to Faroese - The Why and How of Learning a Small Language
  • Religion in Culture
  • Constructed Languages - Making It All Up
  • Rohonc Codex, Linear A & B, the Rosetta Stone, the Voynich Manuscript
  • Speaking with Aliens
  • When Languages Meet and Conflict

As well as standard columns dealing with:

  • Language artefacts
  • Linguist and author biographies
  • Film and book reviews
  • Languages in peril
  • Celebrations from around the world
  • Etymologies of foods
  • "Where are you?" monthly contest

Parrot Time is a product for the Parleremo community and the larger language culture.
It welcomes contributions from other writers on a wide range of topics.

Parrot Time exists in two formats for your reading pleasure.

  • Be notified when each new issue is available
  • Get news about Parleremo & the language community
  • Exclusive promotions and updates

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