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Parleremo is a virtual town that teaches languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Here is a list of the most common questions and their answers regarding Parleremo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a town?

People normally learn a language with a desire to use it in real world situations or travel. This is why phrasebooks are divided into specific settings. By basing much of the site around similar concepts, we hope to provide a smoother means of language acquisition. Along with this, the user works with the language to study in a partial immersion environment.

What is immersion?

When we learn our native language, we do this by being surrounded by people using the language; everything we read and hear is in that language. By being "immersed" in the language, we learn it naturally. This method of learning is considered one of the best, but most people do not have the possibility to move themselves into a totally different language environment. Parleremo tries to provide a partial immersion environment by providing the user with cultural information in the language as they learn it.

Is it free?

All of the resource are available to members at no cost. Membership itself is also free and easy. The only cost to members would be related to any promotional items or affiliate programs and sponsors.

How do I join?

You can join by selecting the "Join Now" button on the home page, or using "Register" in the forum. You will be asked for some basic details, like an email address, username, and a password to use. Once you register, you will be sent a confirmation notice to the email address you entered. In that email will be a link to confirm your registration. You MUST click on this link to validate your registration.

Can I help?

Absolutely! As Parleremo is built and expanded, there are and will be many ways for people to contribute to that growth. The most immediate method would be to simply be very involved in the "community" side of it, like joining in on forum and chat discussions, becoming a penpal, and in general helping other members whenever possible.

People who have a greater understanding of a language can also help expand the site by translating its many parts into other languages as well as creating new resources in the wiki, like grammar references and courses, which could later be incorporated into the site.

Parleremo also welcomes anyone's assistance who has skills in web design, graphic design and programming to aid in the expansion of the site itself. These are just a few examples of how members can help us.

While registration and all resources we offer on Parleremo, we still need to pay for the costs of running the site. If you would like to help financially, you can make a donation for any amount.

All my gold is here!

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