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All my gold is here!

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Badge List
This page gives a list of the badges members may earn, along with an explanation of the badge system.

Contribution Badges
  Vocabulary Translator
This badge is for people that have translated vocabulary words into other languages in the development section.
Vocabulary Editor
  Phrases Translator
People with this badge have contributed by translating phrases into other languages in the development section.
Phrase Editor
  Readings Translator
This badge is earned by translating the text of readings and vocabulary words in the readings section.
Reading Editor
  Links Adder
The links section is always looking for new and interesting sites. Adding your best links to language sites gets you this badge.
  File Sharing Contributer
This badge is for those members that have added language related files to the file sharing section.
File Sharing
  Video Contributer
Members earn this badge by contributing YouTube videos to the PYT (Parleremo YouTube) section.
Parleremo YouTube
  Journals Writer
This badge goes to all those that use the Journal system to practice their new language.
  Recordings Maker
People who have this badge have made a recording or added a text for others to use in the Recordings system.
  Reviews Adder
Reviews of materials by members helps everyone, and this badge goes to all that have written one.
Member Reviews

These badges are awarded based upon how much a person contributes to the site. A member may add items, such as links, videos and files, or translate resources, like vocabulary words, phrases and readings.

Each badge has four major levels: Helper, Pro, Master, and Lord. These are shown by the colors green, red, blue and orange, respectively.


Each major level has four minor levels, shown by the number of stars on the badge ribbon. This leave us with a total of 16 levels for each badge type.


These levels are obtained by scoring a certain number of points, depending on the level and type. Points are based upon the item contributed and the amount they are worth. For example, translating a single word is worth less than a phrase. A phrase is worth more than a video but less than a file.

Title and Position Badges
  Global Moderator
People with this badge are Global Moderators. That means they can make edit many parts of the site and approve contributions and submission.
  Forum Moderator
Forum moderators are in charge of one or more boards on the forum.
  Home Owner
You get this badge when you pick a neighborhood and house. Doing this makes you part of a group of people learning the same language as you.
  Exchange Member
When a member signs up to be part of the language exchange program, they get this badge.
Language Exchange
  Translation Approver
This badge is for people that help with approving translations of vocabulary, phrases, or readings for a specific language.

These types of badges signify where a person is in the community as far as positions and doing certain tasks. Some are relatively easy to obtain, like getting a home or joining the language exchage. Others depend on a person's commitment to helping the community, like becoming an approver for an area of a board moderator.

All my gold is here!

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